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   Quick connect Yaskawa Sigma AC Servo Drives to Delta Tau PMACs

  Baker Motion has now introduced Interface Modules which easily connects Yaskawa Sigma series AC servo drives to the Delta Tau PMAC controller.  The printed circuit board design provides the interface hardware necessary to connect from one to four axes of these drives to the PMAC controller.  For an eight axis PMAC simply use two modules.  All connections to the drive are made with pre-fabricated cables of various lengths.  The IM1201 is populated to support two axes and the IM1401 supports four axes.
   This is truly a plug-and-play solution.  The compact design saves valuable sub-panel space not to mention all the labor savings by eliminating the need to wire relays for brakes, amp enables, drive faults and a FEFCO relay.  It's all on-board, all wired, and ready to go.   All you need to do is provide power, bring in your limits and plug in the cables.  

 Standard Features:
  • Four layer printed circuit board
  • PC Board size 9" x 4.375" (2 axes and 4 axes boards have the same foot print).
  • Din rail mounting.
  • Power requirements,  +/- 15VDC and +24VDC.
  • PMAC FEFCO output contact relay, 1 N.O. and 1 N.C. contact.
  • PMAC FEFCO indicator LED warns of FEFCO condition.
  • Drive enable relay control by PMAC software.
  • Drive enable GREEN LED indicates enabled status.
  • Drive ALARM relay is controller by the Yaskawa Sigma Drive.
  • Drive ALARM RED LED indicates ALARM status.
  • Drive Brake control relay controlled by Yaskawa Drive.
  • Drive BRAKE RED LED indicates BRAKE status.
  • Torque/Speed mode is jumper selectable
  • D-Type 16-pin interface connectors the Yaskawa Sigma SGDB, SGDA and SIGMA II.
  • IDC Type 60-pin PMAC interface connector. *(Cable is available with extra header for std. 60pin breakout.)
  • Weidmuller 12-pin screw terminal interface connector for field connections (per axis).