Baker Motion offers a series of NEMA Adapter kits for Yaskawa Sigma servo motors.  These adapter kits also accommodate numerous other brands of motors.  When you application requires Sigma motors to conform to NEMA flange standards or inch versus metric shaft sizes (frequently required the U.S. market), these off-the-shelf adapter kits automatically provide that conformance.  Versions with flange and shaft, or flange only conversions are available. 

We have the following Adapter sizes:
Yaskawa Motor NEMA Size Part Number
SGM-A3 NEMA 23 535005
SGM-A5 NEMA 23 535005
SGM-01 NEMA 23 535001
SGM-02 NEMA 23 535002
SGM-02 NEMA 34 535003
SGM-04 NEMA 23 535002
SGM-04 NEMA 34 535003
SGM-08 NEMA 34 535004

We have the following Flange sizes:
Yaskawa Motor NEMA Size Part Number
SGM-01 NEMA 23 404011
SGM-02 NEMA 34 404012
SGM-04 NEMA 34 404012
SGM-08 NEMA 43 404013