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Supplied Components:
I/O interface card, ribbon cables (for J Opto and J Thumbwheel port), cable to Main PLC rack and power supply, PLC rack, I/O modules and I/O Bridge CPU. Expansion racks (up to 3) with I/O Interface Modules, I/O Modules and cables can be used if the I/O count expands beyond one rack. Contact Baker with your I/O requirement and we will be happy to configure a system for you.

  • size I/O interface card
  • Up to 512 I/O, 4 racks of 128 points each.
  • PC form factor -Sits in ISA bus but only for DC power.
  • PMAC & PMAC2 supported
  • Modular selection of I/O (Digital and Analog*)
  • M variables assigned to digital I/O points
  • P variables assigned to Analog points.
  • The 50-pin cable can be run up to 400ft from the I/O interface card.

PMAC connections:
There are two flavors of the interface card available: (View a diagram of connections)

The first is the P/N 51-3005. This card is for use with a PMAC1 and Mini-PMAC.  It uses both the J5 (JOPTO) port and the J3 (JTHW) port.  It uses one port for data out, and the other for data in and addressing.

The second is the P/N 51-3006.  This card is for use with the PMAC2.  Since the PMAC2's IO Gate allows the data direction of a port to be switched on the fly with no penalty, we can get away with only using the JTHW port only for address, data in and data out.  This version of the card does not currently work with the  Mini-PMAC (yet, we're working on it).

**This card can be used on the PMAC1 card with some limitation.  If the user must have use of the JOPTO port and also wants to use the VRACK I/O, it is possible to do this.  Consult Baker's tech support for a detailed explanation of the trade-offs in doing this.

Rack Dimensions in inches (L x H x W):
  •  5-slot [11.41 x 4.9 x 5.5
  •  8-slot [15.55 x 4.9 x 5.5
  • 10-slot [18.30 x 4.9 x 5.5