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  Baker Motion Control Systems is a Yaskawa Certified Automation Solution Center (A.S.C).  We have been using Yaskawa product for years and believe it to be the absolute best solution for Servo Motors and Drives on the market today.  Not only is the Yaskawa line a piece of cake to use, it also delivers unsurpassed performance and reliability.  Check out the Sigma II Line of AC Servo Motors and Drives and see for yourself.  Once you use a Yaskawa Sigma II drive, you won't want to use anything else!

AC Servo Motors & Drives

Yaskawa's compact servos and machine controllers are literally at the heart of automation. The AC servo systems for motion control provide Yaskawa customers with the benefits of high quality and reliability, reduced machine setup time, open architecture for simple machine upgrades, and faster, smoother response in machines

Motion Controllers

From small snap-on single axis indexers to multi-axis networks, Yaskawa has a motion controller for every job.  Check out the full line and see for yourself.


Inverter & Spindle Drives

1/8 - 1,000+ HP  variable frequency to flux vector, Yaskawa  drives are ideal for applications ranging from conveyors, cranes, extruders and winders to complete steel processing, papermaking and textile systems. Yaskawa's line of machine tool spindle drives and motors offer both high speed and high performance.


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