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Use MotionSoft to program this controller!

Controller Specs:
  The SMC-2000 single/multi-axis motion controller is packaged for stand-alone operation. Features include: coordinated motion profiling, programmable and dedicated digital 24VDC I/O, analog inputs, and non-volatile memory for stand-alone operation. Two RS-232/RS-422 communication ports are available for interfacing with a PC, PLC and Operator Interface.
Superior performance capabilities include:
  • 32-bit Microprocessor
  • 8 MHz Encoder Input Frequency
  • 16-bit DAC Output Resolution
  • Multi-tasking Up to 4 Programs
  • Position Accuracy of +/-1 Quadrature Count
  This powerful controller provides several modes of motion control, including point-to-point positioning and linear and circular interpolation, electronic line shafting and cam profiling. The SMC-2000's polarized connectors and pre-wired cables allow simple plug and play connection to any Yaskawa servo. In addition to its full range of powerful features, programming is made easy with the use of "YTerm-2000", Yaskawa's Windows®-based software for programming, set-up and troubleshooting.  This controller can also be programmed using Baker Motion's MotionSoft graphical development/debug icon based programming language.
  • Dual Programming Screens
  • Auto-tuning and Graphical Manual Tuning
  • System Monitoring Screens
  • Context-sensitive Help
  • Direct Access to SMC-2000


Programming tools include 147 simple instructions with up to 254 user-defined variables. Position, torque, velocity and other system variables can be used and changed dynamically within the program.
For economical system configuration, the SMC-2000 is also designed in one, two, four and eight-axis configurations. Dual encoder inputs allow for backlash compensation or electronic gearing from an external source. 
Typical Applications:
  • Dual Programming Screens
  • Seal and Cutoff Packaging Machine
  • Cam to External Encoder
  • Roll feed for Press



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